Monday, 26 September 2016

Ukrainian Motion Graphics


These are complete gold. Катерина, my Ukrainian teacher, found, and sent these to me, as preparation for my first lesson. I love them, the graphics are similar, to the work that I used to make for pres in Cbeebies and CBBC, in television centre in London -

Cbeebies Spring Time Song 2010 (2009.)
(The rotoscoping is mine, the daffodils were, I think, done out of house at a production company.)

This work, I'm sure, owes credit to the genius that is David McCue

Тато makes pizza

Peppa the Pig


Total Genius.

Ukrainian - Year 2, lesson 1

My Ukrainian lessons started again on Saturday.
Exploring -
learning how to use the Ukrainian keyboard, a new dictionary. Ukrainian typing - the big character, isn't Ukrainian.
The text, says - very good, thank you.
(a rep - response, to a greeting.)
Ukrainian keyboard stickers, I love these, I've got one, to have, for love (the blue ones,) and a yellow set to sk - stick on my keyboard.
A brand new dictionary - sourced directly, via my Ukrainian teacher Катерина, from Lviv.

Ukrainian Dictionary

Keyboard stickers love

Ukrainian - not, Ukrainian

Ukrainian families

And, home-ward, via John Cage and some excellent work,
Green posters, as part of the Islington Mill, fundraising campaign

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Summer Reading

Just nice for no reason - Kafka

Relational Aesthetics -
by Nicolas Bourriaud


I love this - it's really stayed with me.
I carried it around Lake Windermere, and didn't, just - couldn't connect with it, all the important things happened right at the end, in the last hour before I returned it to the library.

This is my early summer reading -
see - I'm too sad to tell you
     (I'm too sad to tell you.)

Bas Jan Ader, In Search of the Miraculous,
by Jan Verwoert. - Afterall Books

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Research Supervision - August

Meeting notes, ideas, maps, plans, ideas, and excitement, from my most recent supervision meeting, on August 15th.
I'll add images from my notebooks below.

 Meeting Notes Page 1

 Meeting Notes Page 2

 Meeting Notes Page 3

 Meeting Notes Page 3 - Portrait

 Meeting Notes Page 4

 Meeting Notes Page 5

Meeting Notes Page 6

 Meeting Notes Page 7

 Meeting Notes Page 8 - Projection diagram

 Meeting Notes Page 9

 Meeting Notes Page 10

 Meeting Notes Page 11

Sky Shot

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Be - Bread

Look back.
map what I've done.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Just nice for no reason

These are some type tests of a font I'm thinking of buying, designed by Henrik Kubel.
It's completely beautiful, and a great story too.

The full range of typefaces are on the a2-Type website -

Also some notes on the book I'm reading -
Chernobyl Prayer, by Svetlana Alexievich.

Here's a link to the notes online

Some notes about structure, curation, oral histories, and the use of found, and discovered - discovering, stories.
and a photo of the book, my copy with breakfast.

I've missed - the magic rule, my new bone folder (plastic version, for folding)
and Ted Hughes.

I was reading this yesterday, I like the idea of collected, collections, fragments, and short pieces, curated, and uncurated -
uncollected. Sections, parts of the whole.
Pieces. Notes -
and breakfast notes.
Here are the images -

Folded Love
- an absract

Uncollected -
Ted Hughes


Friday, 8 July 2016

Supervision notes - meeting June 30th 2016

Supervision notes, homework,
I'm working, and reading my way through a book that Lisa has lent to me,
Practice-led Research, Research-led
practice in the Creative Arts,
about working in both directions, I'm thinking about motion graphics, drawing, the analogue and digital, and how the two fit together. Drawing in motion graphics, and - motion graphics as drawing, what that can be. Research, writing, practice notes - how I use the library, and document that, notes on a practice, project maps.
Goodie bags and exchange.

Meeting notes.